Training Courses in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

From introductory and foundation courses right through to full Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification programmes, VisionSports has an enviable track record for the quality of our NLP training. We run both in-house and open programmes and operate a policy of keeping delegate numbers low so participants get the personal treatment. It’s why participants say things like this:

"The most personally insightful, well-choreographed, subject-specific course I have ever attended. Ken wove his magic on the entire course and all of us had extremely powerful experiences."
– Doug Clarke, Developmental Trainer

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming focuses on the three main components through which we experience life: our neurology (our sensory experiences); the language we use (both verbal and non-verbal); and the unconscious programmes that we run moment-by-moment in terms of thinking and behaviour. Understanding more about how these three elements interact can present us with the opportunity to take more conscious control of our behaviour, emotions and interactions with others.

Using NLP can also lead to a level of self-discovery that offers the chance to make highly effective and permanent changes in our lives. The ability to gain control of 'inner resources' (including some we may not have known we possessed!) is, for many delegates, just one of the many highlights of an NLP Practitioner Programme.

NLP has been described as 'the study of excellence' and a central theme in NLP is the idea that if we systematically analyse how peak performers achieve excellence consistently we can model the key elements to replicate their results.

The NLP methodology and approach has been successfully employed in many different areas, especially business, education, therapy, sport and health.

Introductory NLP programmes
NLP practitioner's programme
NLP master practitioner programme

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