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Mental Mastery Book

Your guide to exceptional sports performance

Looking for powerful techniques to improve your sporting performance? - Want easy, effective ways to help athletes and others achieve more?

Wondering how you can improve your game? Fed up losing to inferior players? Searching for ingredients to take your performances to new levels? Concerned about the variability in your performances? Seeking different ways to understand and analyse your game? Want to gain new insights into your approach to your sport? Recognise that it would pay you to focus on your mental game? You’re on the right web-site!

How to get the right attitude for the right results

A better performance starts with developing the right mindset – and maintaining it. Mental Mastery is written for anyone who wants to improve their performance or who wants to help others achieve more, in professional or amateur sports and other fields. The tips and techniques in Mental Mastery are based on practical experience and proven results. The book’s author, Ken Way, has helped sportspeople and athletes exceed their own expectations within many sports, including:
Football, cricket, rugby, tennis golf, squash, sailing and watersports, track and field events, gymnastics, fencing, martial arts, equine sports, basketball, motor-racing, cycling, skiing, mountaineering, hockey, endurance events, team sports - and more.

“Much of what I have achieved at the British Open was down to Ken...I have been much impressed with his understanding of what makes sportsmen and women tick. Ken kept me focused so that I could achieve the dream of winning the World title in my home town of Melbourne. I will always be indebted to him for everything he has done in helping me achieve my dream.”
Sarah Fitz-gerald, Five times World Squash Champion

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