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Coaching: Psychology in action

We have a great deal of coaching experience in the business world, having coached senior executives and managers in many different companies. Our roots in sports psychology may seem, on the surface, to be far removed from what is commonly understood by 'executive coaching', however, the underlying psychological factors required to achieve optimum performance in both areas are often surprisingly similar. Moreover, they share a commonality in that it can require a high degree of mental mastery to maintain or improve performance when the pressure is really on.

Coaching expertise: Examples of coaching assignments recently completed include:

• Well-known charitable organisation: helping the Chief Executive to improve work priorities, time management and work-life balance.

• International investment bank: helping the COO to improve his all-round influencing skills, particularly in respect of personal impact during meetings and when giving presentations.

• Well-known media company: working with a TV executive to improve work relationships and develop more effective team management.

• CEO of international banking division: creating a personal development plan and improving the quality of his relationships with his senior management team.

• Large manufacturing plant: working with the General Manager on a range of issues, including how to create a better rapport and reporting approach to his board of directors.

• Well-known fashion label: many coaching assignments with middle and senior management on a range of issues – including work relationships, work-life balance, work-health balance, influencing skills, personal impact, improved presentation skills, etc.

• Government organisation: coaching a senior officer on a range of issues following a recent promotion, focusing especially on relating better with his team.

• Major investment bank: Coaching a senior executive on leadership and managerial skills.

• Ministry of Defence: Helping a senior official prepare for an interview and assist in creating increased confidence, impact and gravitas.

• Well-known accountancy/consultancy: Working with many (over 40) middle and senior management on a wide range of issues, especially helping them to improve their influencing skills and ways of relating with others.

• Major high street retailer: working with a select number of the senior management team (including board level) on a range of issues, mainly around more effective presentations, confidence and personal impact.

• Major international hotel group: Coaching a select team of 3 heading a major worldwide initiative that required highly impactful presentations.

• Major international pharmaceutical group: coaching a Senior management team on improving impact and presence.

• Large furniture manufacturer: helping the General Manager to improve focus on targets set by the Board of Directors.

• Major investment bank: using an informal 360o feedback process for members of the senior management team to help them improve their relationships, efficiency and effectiveness.

• Games manufacturer: Many coaching assignments with senior management individuals (including the MD) on a wide range of issues: leading teams, understanding and motivating others, adapting to new roles, adapting to change.

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