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“Ken had great patience and energy, allowing the group to develop and grow at the right pace for each of us! it has enabled me to see some great possibilities in my future, both professionally and personally."
Steph Tibbert, Team UK Team Leader

"Compelling, exciting and full of new insights....Ken has the gift of balancing creativity while still being fully attuned to the needs of the group to maintain interest, motivation and understanding."
Andrew Meeker: Senior Leadership Instructor, RAF College, Cranwell

“The most personally insightful, well choreographed, subject specific course I have ever attended. Ken wove his magic on the entire course and all of us had extremely powerful experiences.”
Doug Clarke, Developmental Trainer

“Ken ensured that by sheer enthusiasm and professional commitment the course was delivered with fun, involvement from the group and no stone was left unturned. His experience and wide-ranging skills with a pragmatic understanding of every question posed to him, clearly illustrated a pathway for success.”
Sqn. Ldr. C.M. Murphy MBE

“Ken has been a truly inspirational trainer. All his sessions have been delivered with passion, enthusiasm and commitment.”
Jill Pinkerton, Training Consultant

“Ken’s enthusiasm for his craft underpinned the programme. The tools and techniques that were covered were brought to life through the examples and situations that he has used realistically from his range of experience working with people."
J. Evans, Learning & Development Consultant.


"Much of what I have achieved at the British Open was down to Ken. Although I have only known him for a short while, I have been much impressed with his understanding of what makes sportsmen and women tick. Ken kept me focused so that I could achieve the dream of winning the World title in my home town of Melbourne. He set my goals for 2002 and so far the British and Commonwealth Gold have been realised. It was not until I started working with Ken that I appreciated the true value of a sports psychologist. While Ken is the first person to tell me that it is me that has won the World Championship, we both know that he has made it all possible. I will always be indebted to him for everything he has done in helping me achieve my dream."
Sarah Fitz-Gerald, 5-times Worlds Squash Champion

"It was especially interesting to observe Ken conducting a one-on-one session. The self-discovery was often astonishing! The realization that the benefits were not only real, but lifelong in their application and effectiveness served to create many a convert. Scepticism was quickly replaced by belief and in some cases the results were immediate. Sample comments were: “I can’t believe how easy this concept is!” and “I never would have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself!”
Bruce Wright, Sports Agent, Canada

“Ken accents the positive in a unique and ‘easy to buy into’ and understand method. After a few sessions with Ken I could really feel the difference. Without sounding too transcendental, it is very important to be in touch with one’s inner self – Ken has helped me immeasurably in this area.” Graham Ryding, World top-10 squash player


“This is sharp end stuff.  Everyone knows how important the mental game is – Ken’s book shows us how to make the most of this hidden power.
Jason Leonard, England International rugby Player.

“Most people realise that, at the professional level, soccer is a physically-demanding game. But if you have visions of being successful in the game you will also need to be mentally strong. This book is a must-read for anybody who wants to make it to the top of their sport."
Chris Powell, England International footballer.

"What makes the difference between a good player and an average player? It's the mental game. And this book provides the blueprint for how any sportsman or woman can quickly and efficiently enhance their mental approach." 
Jonathon Power, World Squash Champion.

"The physical demands of professional football are clear for all to see but mental and psychological demands though less obvious are equally intense. Learning to deal with these and, more importantly to develop an appropriate mental strength, is a demanding process. Through easy to understand exercises and processes this book helps the reader to develop a self-help strategy that is both practical and enjoyable. I'm sure you will find the book a great help, as I have valued Ken's contribution as part of my team's successes." 
Nigel Pearson, Football Manager.

"If you're wondering what's gond wrong with some sports in this country and how to make it right, Ken Way's new book is a masterclass in how to get the most out of yourself and your team at every level of the game. One of the most thorough and in-depth analyses I've ever read of what it takes to succeed at every level of sporting achievement. If you're ready to succeed at a whole new level, don't just read this book....devour it!" 
Michael Neill, best-selling author of 'You can have what you want' and 'Supercoach'

 “We know that the mental side is a vital aspect of sport but 'knowing' is not enough - we need to know how. Ken's book gives us reliable step-by-step techniques to help develop our mental side so that we perform better. It provides the 'how'.”  
Gary Rees, England International rugby player.

"At last here's a book that translates sports psychology into language that can be understood by all sports people. Ken has a great approach to sports psychology and now it’s on offer to anyone who wants to seriously improve their game." 
Sarah Fitz-Gerald, 5-times World Squash Champion.

“I believe that a sports psychologist is an invaluable member of the 'team behind the team' in modern team sports. This book, written by someone who is top of their league, will help you to understand why.” 
Dr. Paul Balsom, Performance Manager, Swedish F.A.

“When you're out on your own in the Southern Ocean, in some of the most treacherous conditions known to man, you need to be supremely focused. Three months on your own at sea can test your mental strengths to the limit.  Ken helped me develop a mental process that enables me to cope with the isolation and psychological stress. Now he's put his years of experience into a practical book that could provide you with a winning mentality.”
Alex Thomson, Solo Yachtsman and holder of two world records.
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